God Cares

God sees your need and makes plans to take care of them. He is touched by your needs and has compassion for you. There is a clear difference between Jesus and His disciples. Jesus wants to help the people but His disciples think the people should help themselves (Matt. 14:15-16). The fact is that while others advance an argument to keep you in bondage, Jesus looks for opportunities to relieve you of your pain and suffering. This is what happened at the feeding of the 5,000.

God is the God of order. Jesus knew what to delegate and what to do Himself. He commanded that they should make the people sit down – so there will be order at the place. Imagine 5,000 people standing and being served food. Order reduces confusion. One thing that moves our Lord Jesus is when He sees the needs of people, and your needs move Him greatly.

Jesus’ heart was to make sure that the sheep are not prey to the enemy. So He protected them. The disciples wanted them to go and find food for themselves but Jesus said “they do not need to go away. You give them something to eat”. What if something happens to them on the way? That is the God we serve. May He meet all your needs in a manner that beats human imagination.

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