Our History

My Prison Ministry began in 2013 after I was invited to be part of one of their services at the Senior Correctional Center, Accra. When I saw the inmate choir leading praise and worship, and singing with joy, my heart melted. I was so touched, and I shared a testimony with them. That was when the ministry started.

After launching my book, ‘More than Treasures of Gold’, in (2013) I was advised to donate copies to all the inmates at the Senior Correctional Centre (SCC). There were close to two hundred inmates then and we donated copies to each of them and to all the officers on duty. We also donated copies to the officers at the main James Camp Prison at Roman Ridge Accra. Their joy was inexpressible.

I sought permission to meet with the boys for Bible studies, which was granted. This is how the weekly Bible reading and discussions began in the prisons. I have enjoyed my time with the boys and have learned a lot from discussing issues with them.  Different people supported me on different occasions, including Mr. Ohene Danquah and Richard Nunana Asiamah who stood in for me on several occasions when I could not go.

In December 2013, we organised our first party for the boys. We served packed rice with some drinks. In 2014, we served 140 portions of packed rice and chicken and 6 packs of Kalyppo drinks. We also made gifts of 120 pieces of soap and some bathroom slippers.

Beginning in 2015, I started serving the group with fufu and goat light soup, which they do not get to eat throughout the year. We added some plates of banku with okro soup made with chicken. I insisted that each person get two good-sized pieces of meat. As we planned for 2018, one of the senior officers told me,

“You are the only person who gives them fufu. So, let the fufu be more than the banku.”

Senior Officer, Senior Correctional Center

That year, we served 220 plates of fufu and 120 plates of banku. We also began renting sound equipment in 2017 and inviting gospel musicians to provide a memorable experience. The 2019 party was filled with so much joy. With time, many individuals began contributing generously to support the fufu parties to put smiles on the faces of these vulnerable boys.

With the creation of Regain Hope, our programmes will be more coordinated and possibly extended to other prisons in the country.